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Are you a Chip Collector?

Of course we are not talking about the variety made with potatoes, but instead casino chips!

In a virtual world, it is difficult to imagine collecting casino chips from online casinos. However, it continues to be a very popular pastime for private collectors to collect casino chips from land-based casinos. Land-based casinos go to great lengths to come up with collectible casino chips that will appeal to collectors. Using the most advanced techniques and extensive imagination to produce the best possible casino chips for their customers to use and collect.

Popular hobby and pastime

It is indeed such a globally recognized hobby and pastime that many internet sites have sprung up over recent years dedicated to exchanging and buying and selling collectible casino chips. As with many other commodities, their value is determined by the rarity and condition of the casino chips.

Limited edition casino chips

Selling prices can vary immensely from $1 for simple classic casino chips to several thousand dollars for limited edition chips marking special events. Land-based casinos often issue new casino chips in limited editions to mark special occasions throughout the year, or special festivals of events.

Casino chip guides and catalogues

As a result, there are many guides and catalogues published as well as available online that identify and value such casino chips in a similar way that many people collect coins and stamps, otherwise known as numismatists and philatelists.