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A History of Casino Chip Tricks and Examples

Casino chip tricks describe special ways of manipulating poker chips and casino chips in a practised and rehearsed manner as a demonstration of skill and dexterity. These so called tricks differ from magic tricks in as much as their aim is not to deceive or fool an observer. As poker is a game that involves a large amount of psychology and intimidation between players, these poker chip tricks may be considered one effective way of impressing or intimidating your opponents at the table which can be very useful when you are seeking to bluff them. Certain poker players amateurs and professional also find that these tricks may help them to concentrate as well as occupy their time at the table in between hands.

A History of Casino Chip Tricks

What do most people do at the poker tables and casino game tables to keep themselves occupied while sitting at the tables playing very often for hours on end and days for days. Some professional players seem to act as cool as a cucumber at the table, hiding under a baseball cap or behind dark shades. Other players are often more nervous and feel the need to fidget while sitting and playing at the tables.

Development of casino chip tricks in the 20th century

Since the early days of gambling many players would occupy their hands and minds by playing with their golden nuggets and money and later on with the early casino chips. As casino chips became widely used throughout all the casinos during the 20th century, they became more and more uniform in size and shape. This allowed gamblers and dealers to develop tricks over time as they started to play with their casino chips to pass the time. Over the years these tricks became more and more refined and slowly developed into an art form as various players would pick up and refine tricks from their colleagues and opponents.

From simple chip trick to masterful art form

Over the course of the 20th century, these simple chip tricks practised during the course of casino games and private poker sessions were refined. In the beginning they were not viewed as some kind of performance or trick, but more of a way of passing time.

However in the last fifty odd years, attitudes have changed and what initially was viewed simply as fidgeting has been transformed into a revered art form that add to the spectacle of modern day poker and casino games with the advent of televised tournaments that are beamed all over the world to keen enthusiasts. These days poker chip tricks have become regarded as interesting skills that add to the charisma and personality of poker players as the professional gamblers gain in popularity and celebrity. In the modern day professional poker circuit, any element that can add to establishing your image as a skilful card player can be used to their advantage. This is equally true for dealers whose notoriety often rests on their card and chip handling abilities at the table.