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Tycoons Tropezia Palace slot machine

Betsoft Gaming has been working for many years alongside well established online casinos including Tropezia Palace.

Tycoons, a very successful slot machine

tycoons tropezia palaceIf there is something that is characteristic of Betsoft Gaming software, it is their elegance and realism. This is proved once again with the new slot machine. You will discover the beauty of an animated film with extraordinary graphics and originality.

Great jackpot

The jackpot is one of the most attractive current jackpots. Enjoy all the benefits of slot machines in one single slot. The theme of Tycoons varies somewhat from the usual Betsoft Gaming framework. The new Tropezia Palace slot machine has a storyline that takes place in a villa where a game of poker is taking place between a number of rich players. All affluent characters with impressive assets at their disposal.

Become a millionaire

You will be able to let your imagination run free, the time of a game of Tycoons, and take on the personas of various billionaires and bet whatever you wish among your many assets. You will see that over the course of a game of poker shares are traded, sports cars; every imaginable asset is lain on the betting table.

Tycoons, a very lucrative slot machine

This is why Tycoons animation will surprise you no doubt. Tropezia Palace would not be such a successful slot machine were it not for the ease with which you can win money and prizes.

Scatters and free spins

In addition to being immersed in a wonderful world, you are entitled to many Wild and Scatter symbols in Tycoons, to help you take full advantage of an impressive number of bonus multipliers and free spins.

You are entitled to the best current bonuses with Tycoons. You will also realize that certain symbols are more rewarding than others. This is the case of the sports car, the laptop computer displaying the stock market variations, the briefcase full of money and the bottle of champagne.