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Slot tournaments a new trend?

Technical innovations

777 online slots On the other hand, slots offer many new features and improve with each technical innovation: video, 3D, high definition, etc. Developers compete between themselves to create games with interesting topics and appealing imagery.

Tournaments vs. Sit’n’Go

For some time now online casinos have found a new way to attract new players and reignite an interest in those that have maybe grown tired of slot tournaments. Tournaments or Sit'n’Go (this is to say with the possibility to enter the tournament and leave when you want to) are often free and give players a new form of excitement for the game.

Free or paying tournaments

There are some variations according to free or paying games. Regular tournaments or Sit’n’Go, but the principle remains the same - players have a limited time and a certain credit for playing and trying to win more than others.
The best players earn a percentage of the shared pot (or they group together the registration money) according to their final position in the game.

Play fast

The only recommended strategy is to play as soon as possible because the credits received at the beginning of tournaments will be lost if they are not used by the end of the tournament. These tournaments typically last between 5 and 30 minutes. These tournaments are replicas of real slot machines. Slot players love to discover new games and new features on a continual basis to keep their interest alive and to keep them coming back to the online casino.