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Online casino bonuses as important as land based casino bonuses

online casino bonusesThe site adds that the online casinos also face difficulties when they decrease the budget allocated for bonuses. The results of this study are based on the relationship between the bonus offers and the success of the casinos in question.

Results compared

For land-based casinos it is the share of the total budget devoted to promotions which was taken into account while for online casinos such as 7Red Casino, the study took into account the new monthly promotions and their total value.
This data has been compared to the value of shares and the number of visitors. Jason Ferguson, Financial Specialist from Gambling City then compared the two types of casino revenues.

Predictable results

And the results were predictable - the importance of the promotions budget affects the annual number of visitors and revenue. According to Ferguson, "it seems logical to expect better results when budgets are higher. But it is interesting to note that this also applies to online casinos. »

Party Gaming wins where Las Vegas Sands lose out

The study compares the choice of Las Vegas Sands to reduce promotions, with the success of the online slot machine "Fire Drake" offered by Party Gaming. While the Las Vegas Sands casino shows a loss of 47% in the first quarter, $ 1 billion have already been played on the virtual slot machines. The online casino offered a substantial bonus to the player who would make the bet that reaches one billion and a $25 bonus to all those that place a bet on the same day.