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Bonus and Compensation Comparisons

For a minority of people living in certain urban areas, it may be possible to find a casino close to home. However for a vast majority of people, the closest casino can be anything between an hour and several hours away. By eliminating travel time, online gaming has a real advantage.

Advantages of online casino bonus offers and promotions

casino compsIn addition to the question of convenience, there is also a distinct advantage regarding the variety of games available on offer in an online casino compared to a land-based casino with a finite games area. In a virtual online casino it is of course possible to house a “virtually” unlimited number of tables and slot machines.

Welcome bonuses

A great number of online casinos offer new players welcome bonuses on sign-up as part of their marketing push to attract new customers. However, as these bonuses are to some extent free cash that the casino gives to their customers, they are very protective of how this bonus is to be used and on which games. They most often require a commitment from players to bet a minimum, which is in general a multiple of the initial customer deposit credited to the new account. Wagering requirements bar players from simply withdrawing the bonus directly from the casino. When these wagering conditions are high it may be just as if the player deposited without receiving a bonus. Furthermore, certain casino games may be restricted to play bonuses as they offer too low an edge.

Advantages of land-based casino compensation programs

What land-based casinos lose in variety and convenience is easily compensated for in atmosphere. For many people, going to the casino with friends is an opportunity to spend a good evening. Many casinos offer free drinks and serve cheap food, that may often also be included free of charge for certain casino players. There are of course also performances, concerts and other events organized to keep customers amused and interested in order to keep them coming back to the gambling tables again and again. These perks are known in the industry as comps.

Common comps

The basic level of comps available at most land-based casinos consists of free alcohol and beverages. Most casinos offer free drinks to players. A second level of comps is often free meals. Most casinos incorporate a number of restaurants and so offer free meals to active players. The more they play the better restaurants they get to eat at. Sometimes high rollers may be given carte blanche to order as much food as they can eat.
There are of course further comps that reward the best casino clients. These can be rewards such as complimentary hotel rooms. In most cases, casinos form part of hotel complexes so this represents one form of comp that can appeal to high rollers. Depending on a players VIP level, time spent at the tables and total spending they may be offered higher quality rooms, such as suites, villas, presidential suites and so on.

VIP Comps

For the high end high rollers, many casinos may even offer free flights, complimentary limos, event tickets, free concierge or access to private gaming areas. In some cases even providing private jet services.